Natalie (pickledtoads) wrote in honors_house,

Fall 2005 Recap - Hoho quote board

While tidying the mail room, I came across our lovely quote board from last semester, and enjoyed rereading it enough to type it up and make you all scan through a long entry on your friends page.

"I'm not frightened of it, but it feels strange." - Kathryn

"Well, pedophilia is just a normal human instinct, but irony is deeply perverse and wrong." - Jordan

"Trey, stop kicking my midget!" - Natalie

"The following are the acts in which you will pleasure me. As soon as I tell you the time at which you should come, it shall behoove each and everyone of you most zealously to come. To the one who has his contingent best equipped I will give gifts." - Xerxes as recorded by Herodotus

"Oh, that's why it was hurting!" - Natalie

"Your hair is, like, mysterious...and it's kinky and cute at the same time. I like it." - Weird Boy to Danielle

"I'll be your boyfriend." - Natalie to Danielle

"What if you just had a giant spoon for a leg?" - Danielle"

"Buttsex is not sugar." - Laura

Sam: You're just an ass on legs to the rats.
Natalie: I am.

"Patrick, I've already seen your boa constrictor." - Micah

"I have holes in my pants...they're really bad holes." - Natalie

"Kill him! He's a man in a skirt!" -Danielle

"It's like giving a teddy bear brass knuckles!" - Zoe in reference to Hyphen buzzing his hair

"I'm not a violent person, but given the chance, I would KILL her!" - Kathryn

"Balthazar is inside of all of us! a metaphorical sense [said defensively]" - Josh

"I don't need a man, I've got Zoe." - Whitney

"I'd like to lay on Little Matt's bed in my underwear....I think it'd be comfortable." - Josh

"I got condom juice all over my leg." - Danielle

"There is no economic incentive ot doing the rats!" - William

Whitney: Why are you invading my personal space?
Danielle: ...Because I thought it might be cozy?

"It's better to grab it and wrestle it it attack you" - Whitney, "it" being something behind you while you're asleep

"Cuz its cozy inside here, lemme tell you." - Whitney

"Turkey basters are the new penis." - Josh

"Is that a crotch?" - Danielle

"I have this one blockage I just can't get through." - Josh

"I'll kick you in your maidenhead." - Manuel

"Scotchguarding Mormons?" - Kathryn

"I do hate a flaccid Sinclair." - Micah, Sinclair being an inflatable, squeaky dinosaur

"Very few people ever fish for lozenges." - Elizabeth

"It's the original...with a country wang." - Kyle

"I always notice a nice rack!" - Danielle

"I'm a butch transvestite pirate!" - William

"I'd never met a Jewish person outside the camp." - Trey

"I don't have a vagina, and that bothers me." Trey
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